When Keeley was 12 years old she tragically lost her father. It was a very difficult time in her life, and soon afterwards she was diagnosed with suffering from seizures which may have been triggered by the death of her father. She was not prescribed medication because the condition was non-Epileptic, but it affected her attendance at school and at the age of 16 Keeley left school where she was referred to a local activity hub. Keeley spent 16 weeks at the Hub, applying for around five jobs per week but without any replies to her applications.

Keeley eventually found out about Street League when she met members of staff at a recruitment day in Motherwell. She really liked the idea of mixing sports with employability and gaining additional qualifications, and wanted to sign up straight away. Staff were impressed by her bright and enthusiastic approach and recommended her for Street League’s 'Get Ready for Work' programme.

Initially Keeley was worried about having seizures in front of the group, however after getting to know everyone and explaining how to deal with the condition, Keeley found that the group rallied around her and this helped improve her confidence.

Keeley enjoyed the employability sessions which focused on how to complete application forms, update her CV, and went through interview skills and tips. Additionally, during her time on the programme Keeley achieved her Scottish Football Association Early Touches coaching badge, her Community Sports Leadership Award and her First Aid certificate. Keeley also secured a work placement in a local hairdressing salon, which she felt helped her to gain an insight into the world of work and allowed her to develop key skills.

With the help of Street League staff, Keeley applied for a position with North Lanarkshire Council as a Vocational Trainee in Administration and was successful in getting through to an interview. Thanks to the skills and training acquired on the Street League programme, plus her own new-found confidence, Keeley impressed at the interview and was subsequently offered the job.

Keeley said; "Street League allowed me to build routine back into my life, it provided me with a safe environment where I could learn new skills and build new relationships. I got support from both my peers and the progressions and coaching staff, who were always on hand to see that I was OK. I was given the chance to gain work experience with an employer who was fully aware of my condition and this experience was invaluable to me as it gave me the confidence to apply for an administrative role with the council. I'm grateful for the time I spent at Street League and the aftercare service they provided even after I had completed the programme.”