Despite leaving school with good grades, Will struggled to find work and was in and out of temporary labouring and administration roles for almost three years.

He had always enjoyed playing football and after finding out about Street League he started attending Street Football sessions with some friends. During the sessions, Will met a number of Street League staff who informed him of various opportunities and courses that were on offer, however due to his part-time work he was always unable to fully commit.

Over a year later Will bumped into a Street League member of staff whilst signing on at the Job Centre who told him about the upcoming Academy programme. Will was again out of work and this time jumped at the chance to join.

Will showed he had real drive and ambition and said yes to every opportunity offered to him, from attending additional Peer Mentoring training to volunteering at the Calthorpe Project’s Saturday Club.

When Barclays visited the Academy to run a money management workshop, Will made such a positive impression that he was subsequently invited to an informal meeting with the branch manager in Oxford Circus. Following a more formal interview, Will was given a full-time job with Barclays.