We work with a HUGE range of young people across the UK and everyone is different - alhough the common thread is that everyone is currently unemployed and needing support in finding a job, training or education.

There are some common themes we have noticed which vary from not knowing what kind of work you want to do, not knowing where to start with applying for jobs, low self-confidence in applying for new jobs or courses, and lacking the qualifications, skills or experience needed.

Participants love the fact that the sports part helps everyone to bond quickly as a group, and dramatically helps with confidence.

We support young people whatever their background is, including ex-offenders, substance abusers, ex-gang members… our team is very open and welcoming and believe that everyone has it in them to succeed.

If you have a more specialized need which we feel our staff are not trained enough to support, then we can recommend another course or organization who are more equipped to help.

Either way, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you on the right track!