Street League has been through a transformational journey over the last 13 years, from our beginnings working with the homeless in London with the "Street League", to focussing on changing lives through football and work skills in London and Glasgow, to now changing the lives of thousands of 16-24 year olds through sustained jobs, training and education all over the UK using the power of sport.

We are incredibly proud of our history, our team and our ability to achieve a greater social impact year on year. We are an organisation with a clear vision to bring an end to youth unemployment in the UK, a rock solid purpose to help young people moving into work through sport, a set of core values which guide us in our mission everyday, and a team of staff who are making a difference in the world every day.

Street League is an organisation that values our young people above all else, believes in the power of sport to transform lives, understands the importance of sustainable employment opportunities to change lives, and values our team members to enable us to achieve our vision.

Our two wonderful brands have enabled us to reach this step in the journey to date, but in order to become the chosen pathway for young people to progress into employment we need to come together as one. This is an exciting point in the journey for Street League as we embark together to make a difference to even more young peoples lives around the UK.

In order to be known as THE leading sport and employability charity in the industry we need to have a strong brand presence to set ourselves apart. The better we can express the ideas that make up our brand, the more of a magnet it becomes for anyone attracted to the principles and values we stand for. Most importantly, we’ll be improving our ability to motivate more young people onto our programmes, but we’ll also be able to attract more staff and volunteers, partners and employers to advance our cause. All of these different groups will be better informed about who we are and more receptive to what we do, which gets us closer to realising our vision of an end to youth unemployment in the UK.

We are excited to introduce an evolution to our brand, in the form of a unified organisation behind the Street League group brand, and a new youth-centred look. We are delighted that the Street Step launch last year was such a success, and even more delighted to welcome the team into the Street League family to enable us to make even greater progress towards our vision to see an end to youth unemployment in the UK.

Sara McCraight, Head of Marketing, says: "This new strategy will enable us to achieve our strategy to increase the range of sports we offer, attract a more balanced gender mix, have a stronger appeal with our youth audience and efficiently scale our operations."

What to expect with the new Street League brand:

1. We have a new more youth-centred brand look to ensure we are the chosen pathway for unemployed 16-24 year olds

2. Street Step will be united under the Street League brand, using the Street League Dance-Fit branding, alongside Street League football. This opens up the opportunity for us to expand into more sports in the next few years.

3. We’re working with Livity, a youth marketing social enterprise, on a new marketing campaign which will raise awareness among our target market of how we can help them to get “moving into work”. 

4. We have signed a national kit deal with Nike and Kitlocker to provide an upgraded range of sports kit to our participants and staff all over the UK. 
Kitlocker website:

5. We will be launching a brand new website in August – watch this space!