As you arrive at Platform (Street League’s Islington Academy venue), you always notice such a friendly atmosphere. From the café staff to Kate, Street League’s Dance Fitness Teacher, you’re greeted with a friendly smile.

Whilst we bounce to the dance studio we start off by choosing which song the entire class would like to warm up to so we don’t injure ourselves before learning a cool and trendy dance routine.

The weekly free dance sessions include people of mixed abilities which I believe is great and allows everyone to express themselves through movement.

By the end of the session Kate provides one-on-one support and general advice, as well as just being there if you need to talk about something, be it Street League related or anything else.

Afterwards, we go back into Platform, do job searching and fill out application forms. Then, when you’re done for the day, you can choose to stick around and socialise or make your way home.


A day at Street Leagiue starts in the café at Platform. Everyone comes in for a 9.30am start to have a hot drink and a bit of a chat on various topics, such as politics, football and, more recently, the Olympics and Paralympics in Rio.

After everyone has arrived and is good to go, we head upstairs to the classroom for our English or Maths functional skills session, or sometimes we would do some employability sessions on things like CV writing, job searching help and interview techniques, usually finishing at around 12.30pm, enabling us to have a five minute break before we go to the dance studio for a dance or dance fitness session with Kate for an hour.

When we finish we either go home or go back to the café to hang out or speak to Kate for one-to-ones.