Street League participants experienced a taste of French culture after taking part in a foreign exchange trip with young people from the charity Sport dans la Ville.

Sport dans la Ville, who promote social and professional integration for young people through sport, were willing hosts as they gave Street League’s channel-hoppers an insight into all things French. The aim of the trip was not only to provide a cultural exchange, but also give the young people the opportunity to get involved in employability workshops with companies including Renault, Asendia, JC Decaux, and the BBC.

During a packed schedule of site-seeing activities, including visits to the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the Stade de France, and three days skiing in the Alps, the group had to adjust to being away from home and spending time in a foreign country.

Street League participant Mitchel, who had never been abroad before, said: “The trip was absolutely brilliant. The whole atmosphere, being with everyone in a group, and meeting new people was so uplifting.” 

The roles were reversed on the return trip to England, where Street League gave their French counterparts a whistle-stop tour of London’s iconic landmarks. Participants from Sport dans la Ville also visited Centre Charles Péguy - a charity which provides job opportunities for young people from France studying in the UK.

Amir was one of three participants from Sport dans la Ville who gained an interview for a summer job in London. Speaking about how the trip helped him, Amir said: “Doing an exchange trip with Street League has been really beneficial. I have discovered a new life, new friends, and matured a lot. I’ve also been fortunate enough to get a job working in London for two months with Asendia UK. It’s an international postal company and I’m hoping to improve my English by being in the city for a longer period of time.”

For both Street League and Sport dans la Ville participants, the trip was a valuable learning experience. Employer Engagement Manager Rizwan Aboo explained; “It showed the young people that they were able to adapt to different situations and react to different environments, which are key skills when in a working environment.”

Watch the video of the trip!