“There is substantial, encouraging evidence that Street League is meeting its aims and objectives. The findings demonstrate that Street League helps young people to build the knowledge and skills they require to move into employment, training or education. These findings were supported through numerous success stories demonstrating young people’s development through the programme and entry into employment, training or education.

Dr. Laura Hills - Brunel University London

Why did we commission this report?

Understanding and developing our programmes using data is part of Street League's DNA. Monitoring and evaluating performance has been at the heart of how we set our strategy, secure investment and ensure we are maximising our social impact. Most of that data has been quantitative with our teams across the U.K. providing an insight into the nuance and the stories that sit behind this.

As an organisation, it's easy to get into a way of doing things - routines, assumptions and decision-making. We wanted an external evaluation to challenge these and help us look at things differently; from a different perspective and with different data. The team from Brunel University London, led by Dr Laura Hills, brought this new insight. Not only were they 'new' to Street League, their methods were much more qualitative, giving greater insight to the journeys of individual participants, our staff and Street League as an organisation.

The objectives of this research were:

  • Objective 1: Identify to what extent Street League is achieving its mission and objectives;
  • Objective 2: To evidence what key factors contribute to success and what factors adversely impact opportunities for success;
  • Objective 3: Identify how different types of programmes/products impact participants’ journeys and outcomes;
  • Objective 4: Testing the Theory of Change through current learning and the development of a deeper understanding of the programme's position, including recommendations that help Street League to implement the methodology to meet the outcomes of this.

In addition, the main evaluation, Street League commissioned a supplementary project titled Made Outside the Classroom. The Made Outside the Classroom research aimed to provide further understanding into how Street League programmes differ from schooling in relation to preparing young people to attain and sustain employment. 


What did we learn?

We'll start with sharing what we learnt about our impact on young people.

In addition to helping young people into employment, training, and education, Street League has a positive impact on young people’s development. The combination of employability training and personal development is embedded in the programme and effectively enhances young people’s chances of attaining a successful outcome. 

Young people identified specific ways that they benefitted from Street League encompassing employability-related skills and knowledge and personal development.

Young people stated that they were able to develop employment-related skills and knowledge. They felt more confident about their ability to find and attain employment, training or education. In particular, they valued the development of skills such as how to search for a job effectively, how to prepare for and conduct themselves in an interview, and how to write a CV.

Young people also felt that they developed personally. In particular, young people felt that their involvement with Street League led to increased confidence, improved social skills and better communication skills. In addition, young people identified that they had developed their teamwork skills, were better able to use their initiative, and could manage their emotions more effectively.

Young people identified the social opportunities offered by Street League including making friends, building relationships with staff and meeting people from diverse backgrounds as particularly enjoyable and valuable components of their Street League experience.

Watch the full video here: (ft. Managing Director, Lindsey MacDonald)

Street League Success Factors

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Further information

We would like to express a sincere thank you to Dr. Laura Hills, Dr. Emma Wainwright, Ms. Tarryn Steenekamp, and Ms. Nicola Crawley for the time invested in this evaluation of Street League. We have taken on board all of the recommendations suggested, and have an action plan in place to ensure continuous improvement in our programmes and impact on young people.

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