Street League Academy graduates had the opportunity to attend some of the Premier League’s most high profile matches this weekend, thanks to our long-term partner Barclays who donated 60 pairs of tickets as a congratulations to our participants for the hard work they put in to graduating from our most recent Academy.

Graduates from our London, Manchester, Birmingham and Nottingham Academies, got to experience the action at the home games of Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Tottenham Hotspur, and Manchester City, in what was a goal-fest bank holiday weekend of football! 

For some of the graduates, who were watching a live Premier League fixture for the first time, it was an amazing opportunity to soak up the atmosphere in the stadium and see players from the top tier of English football up close.

At Selhurst Park to watch Crystal Palace play their first home game of the season, graduate Randy was blown away by the experience, he said: “Being here isn’t like anything else. You get sucked into being part of the crowd and it’s really good fun.”

At nineteen years-old Randy is the youngest graduate from the South London Academy, and has recently completed a work placement with Street League. Speaking about Street League, Randy said the experience has helped him in applying for other job opportunities. “I’ve had two interviews for business apprenticeships which Street League helped me apply for. I was able to talk a lot about the experiences I’ve had at Street League in the last few weeks so I’m hoping I’ll get one of them. I now feel confident talking about what skills I have and the qualifications I gained whilst on the Academy.”

Street League would like to say a big thank you to Barclays for giving our graduates such a fantastic opportunity. Barclays is supporting the growth of Street League by funding new Academies in Middlesbrough, Leeds and Birmingham.