TV and Radio presenter, Eilidh Barbour, visited Street League Clyde West last month. The BBC and BT Sport presenter came to the Street League academy after hearing about the sport for employability courses on offer, which help to move young unemployed people into work. Chris Caldwell, Operations Manager at Street League Clyde West, had the opportunity to ask Eilidh a few questions:

1. What motivated you to get involved with Street League?

I've always loved playing sports and think it has a huge part to play in developing character and teaching life lessons. Street League takes this to a different level by actively changing lives. Not everyone can excel in an academic environment and it's great to see an organisation like Street League helping those who, for whatever reason, need a little help to get on the employment ladder.

2. What aspects of Street League’s cause & mission do you find most powerful?

The success rate. When I met Chris from the Clyde West area and he told me the percentage of young people who had come through the Street League system and gone into employment it was really impressive. Having spent a little bit of time in one of the sessions, the energy and enthusiasm from the instructors was brilliant. It really engaged the group and helped them get the most out of the sessions.

3. What were your key take-outs and highlights from visiting the programme? What will you remember the most?

As mentioned above, how the instructors engaged with the group. The session I was involved in forced individuals to perhaps come out of their comfort zone a bit, different skills were used and there was a balance of group interaction and teamwork. It was also fun which is so important.

4. What struck you most about meeting the young people on the programme?

They were all lovely young people. I don't know any of their backgrounds but they all seemed to genuinely buy into the programme and I felt they were really intent on using it in a positive way. I wish them all the best and hope the programme brings to them what it has for many others.

5. What would you say to encourage others to support the charity?

The group I visited were all local people. It helps those who are in the area you live in get a chance to have a career and provide for themselves and their families. The more young people working, the better for the community so it has many benefits as well outside of those offered to the individuals involved. People can do amazing things when they're provided with an opportunity to do so.

Thanks to Eilidh for visiting Street League and offering her support.