Six months ago, Dylan, 18, began a work placement with Jewson in Paisley. At the time he was thrilled to be gaining the experience of working with a builders' merchant, and was hopeful it would help him when applying for jobs in the future.

Dylan subsequently gained an apprenticeship with the company and now only a month away from completing his training, we asked the Street League graduate about life as a Jewson employee, and how the Academy programme helped him move forward with his life.

What do you do as a Jewson apprentice?

“I work out in the yard serving customers by using the forklift truck to collect materials and then make up their order. I also tidy the yard and give advice where I can to customers, and work as part of a team who load up customers' vans when they come in. It's a really busy role but I love it, and there's always good banter with customers and staff.”

What do you enjoy most about the work?

“Keeping busy, making money and learning new things such as my forklift licence.”

Why would you encourage Street League participants to do an apprenticeship?

“At Jewson I have gained qualifications, experience and most of all the opportunity to earn money. An apprenticeship is an easy way to learn on the job. It also gave me training for working in the yard get my forklift licence which I can use throughout my career.”


What advice would you give to other young people going for an interview or starting their first job?

“Be respectful, confident and don’t lie. It might take time to get your break, but you will get there.”

What does it mean to be employed and how has it changed your outlook?

“Before Street League I was lacking confidence and direction. Now I employed I am focused, happier, and enjoying things like football and taking my driving lessons. Being in work just makes life easier.”

Where do you hope to progress to in the future?

“Firstly I aim to keep doing my job well. I should be complete my first-year apprenticeship in a month or two which will be a real achievement. I’m also hoping to pass my driving test now that I have my theory certificate!”

Why should young people join Street League’s Academy programme?

“Street League is a brilliant way of learning new things about yourself and the workplace. The Academy is fun and you will get the opportunity to do a work placement which gives you a good chance of getting a job.”