Street League gained some amazing coverage a couple weeks ago with a visit to our Glasgow Academy from FIFA! 

FIFA launched the Football for Hope initiative in 2005 to help improve the lives and prospects of young people around the world. As a responsible global organisation, FIFA ensures that it only supports and works with social projects that are sustainable, accountable and truly of benefit to the respective communities they serve, which is why they partner with Street League. 

FIFA created a piece highlighting the work that Street League does to improve youth unemployment in the most deprived areas in the UK. As Glasgow has a higher unemployment rate that the national average, we thought it would be a great location for FIFA to get a true representation of how Street League changes lives through the power of sport. 

Danny O’Donnell, 18, hails from the Govan district of Glasgow. The area will be known to many football enthusiasts as the birthplace of Sir Alex Ferguson, and for forging the values that shaped his glittering career. “It’s where I learned the value of hard graft, resolve and resilience," Ferguson has said. 

Danny explained to “I’ve been unemployed now for a few months and thinking, ‘What do I do next?’ Because I’ve been applying for jobs every day and getting nowhere.  
“It can get you down; you start worrying you might not get anywhere in life. You leave school having done the best you possibly can and think, ‘I’m going to go far’. But it’s not like the old days when you could just walk in somewhere and get a job. It’s much harder now, and it’s upsetting, pushing yourself to the max and not getting anywhere.” 
Danny’s experience is far from unique. Almost 40 percent of jobless people in the UK are aged 25 or under, and the youth unemployment rate in Glasgow is even higher than the national average. But while Danny provided a bleak picture of his time searching fruitlessly for a job, he was upbeat and ambitious when the conversation turned to his future. The reason is that he is one of the thousands of young people across the UK benefiting from Street League’s sport for employment charity with football at its heart. 


Glasgow participant Danny explains “I feel it’s benefiting me a lot,” he said. “When you come to Street League, you’re working on things every day that you can take into a real-life job situation and get you on a career path…. Street League is helping me get a start. Once I get that, I believe I can reach the very top.” 


Watch the full video on FIFA perspective of Street League & read their article here



This was a very successful event, and the video and social media post have since reached over 25K likes and shares. This is a great way to promote the Street League programmes to the football fans of the world and hopefully encourage a few more young people to sign up to an employability course to get #movingintowork.  

Street League is the UK's leading sport for employment charity with a vision to see an end to youth unemployment in the UK. The charity offers 8-12 week-long sport and work skills programmes to unemployed 16-24-year-olds who face significant barriers or obstacles to moving into work. On the programme, the young people take part in daily health and fitness activities including football, dance, and fitness, and then spend time developing personalised action plans with one-to-one mentoring support, employability qualifications, CV skills and interview training. They have the opportunity to take part in work placement opportunities before moving into jobs, college courses, apprenticeships or other further training. Street League enjoys a healthy relationship with Premier Inn, Jewson and numerous other companies who have employed many of their graduates. In 2016-17, Street League supported 1553 young people into employment, education or training with 59% of them sustaining their jobs for at least 6 months. 

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