Street League is delighted to announce the signing of our newest ambassador, football based content creator, Tom Nolan. Tom featured heavily throughout our ‘Things I wish I learnt at school’ campaign, and the goal of his involvement is to help Street League reach more young people through his social media following.

“Street League combines two things that I love… Sport, and the ability to achieve what you want through hard work and determination.”

As a member of the ‘Glitch Squad’, Tom has amassed more than 25,000 Instagram followers in the process of climbing the football content ladder. He has recently featured in football freestyle videos with the world famous F2 Freestylers and has had the opportunity to meet some football greats such as Frank Lampard, Paul Pogba, and Eden Hazard.

During the ‘Things I wish I learnt at school’ campaign, Tom spoke at length about the difficulty of pursuing his dream career whilst being told by teachers and school staff that it was a ‘distraction’. He also said that passion and determination are the only attributes that have contributed to his success.

“If you truly work hard and you’ve got the ability to do something, then you can do it regardless of what your grades say.”


Tom’s obvious talent manifested itself early on Facebook, as a video of him circled the internet and gained a staggering 1,500,000 views. From there, Tom realised that the online freestyler market was booming, and, therefore, focused his energy on creating ‘TN Freestyle’.


Tom Nolan is certified ‘Made Outside the Classroom’ and we are looking forward to collaborating on more campaigns and content in the future.

If you want to be involved with Street League as an influencer or ambassador, contact [email protected]