Street League’s Matt Stevenson-Dodd has been named as one of the top charity chief executives on social media. The list was published by the Guardian newspaper, which stated: “Our winners are using social media in ever more sophisticated ways, discussing key issues about their causes and the sector, championing and offering support to beneficiaries and demonstrating impact through storytelling.”

The Guardian claimed it is important for charity leaders to “stand up for themselves and show how their organisations are making a difference” and felt chief executives, including Matt, were using the various platforms in a correct and effective way.

The Guardian continued: “They’re confident about blending the professional and personal, using humour (where appropriate) and have a warm and authentic tone of voice to engage followers. Their social media presence shows how charities are still fighting to make a difference and are undaunted in campaigning for social change.”

On making the list, Matt Stevenson-Dodd said: “It’s a great honour to have been included and be alongside some respected names within the sector. At Street League, social media is of huge benefit to us. From sharing our news, to outreach, it’s a vitally important tool. I’m glad that my Tweets are well received and wish to thank The Guardian for including me as one of the top charity chief executives on social media.”

Here’s a selection of Matt’s best Tweets which helped The Guardian honour the Street League CEO with inclusion on the list:

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