Street League uses the power of sport to help young people get #movingintowork, with our football programme changing thousands of young lives since 2002.

After graduating from Street League's South London Football Academy, we caught up with Hussein (pictured with South London Progressions Coordinator, Jason Henley) on post-programme life and his new job with Pinnacle PSG - a tenants management organisation working on behalf of Newham Council. 

How did you find out about Street League?

I heard about Street League through my brother. He was at the job centre himself and got told about the Academy programme and thought it would be right for me. I’m not a football fan but I was interested in gaining my Maths and English qualifications.”

What was the biggest thing you learnt on Street League’s unique sports for employability programme and how does it differ to school or college?

“For me, it’s that I actually got taught the skills I needed for the workplace. You don’t learn that at school or college. The work experience with Street League was valuable.”

How did Jason (progressions coordinator) help you?

“He was very good and gave me great advice. He never said no to anything and his help when it came to my CV, for example, was really helpful. Even now Jason is still in touch with me and asking if I need a hand, or if I would like to attend an event with Street League - but I’m too busy working!”

How did the job at Pinnacle PSG come about?

“I was doing work experience at the community centre where Street League deliver from in south London and from there I was encouraged to apply for the opportunity with Pinnacle PSG.”

How are you finding your role at Pinnacle?

“I enjoy it a lot. The reports and stats can be challenging but it’s a good experience.”

What do you enjoy about your new job?

“It’s fun and I look forward to going into work. I am learning all the time too. After completing the Academy programme I deal with customers on a daily basis and it doesn’t phase me. I might have struggled with this before.”

Hussein added: “In six months time I’m planning on applying for courses in housing management and hoping to progress even further.”

Would you recommend Street League? If so, why?

“Yes, I would. Street League helps you prepare for the world of work. Some other courses don’t. If it wasn’t for the Academy programme then I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

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