It’s a New Year. It’s the time of year to think of new way to improve our lives. If 2017 is the year of growth for you, then recording your successes from 2016 is a must. Recording your successes will allow you to psychically see the life-changing successes (big or small) that you have made throughout the year. Whether it be a new job, losing some weight or buying that new car. Write them down. This is not a plan of goals but documenting the successes after they’ve happened. 

 We often get caught up in the ‘next thing’ rushing through life. We always seem to forget the good that we’ve done and continually say ‘I feel like I’ve done nothing’.  

This exercise can change your mindset. 

  • Recording your success will help build your confidence Which will help you succeed more + will help your confidence more better you

It’s a chain reaction. 

 We need to start tooting our own horns and championing ourselves. Relying on others to pat you on the back is not enough. Even letting the work speak for itself is a thing of the past. Never be ashamed of the hard work and successes you have accomplished. 

 All in all, ‘Celebrate Every Victory’ however big or small. Writing them down makes it easier to never forget. Never forget that sense of pride that you felt.  

Tip: In 2017 at the end of every month write down your monthly successes to keep yourself motivated. This way, you’re more likely to achieve greater things. This is a great idea not just for your personal life but also for your career. It can make updating your CV and negotiating those contract renewals so much easier.  

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