Senior business leaders from Barclays bank volunteered their time to help support unemployed young people as part of the company’s ‘Make a Difference’ campaign.

Twenty-one Street League Academy participants from the North London programme attended a financial skills workshop where they gained invaluable advice from some of Barclays most experienced members of staff. Also in attendance were young people from the award-winning social enterprise Bikeworks. Working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, Bikeworks run a 12 week programme which helps participants to develop the skills they need to move into employment within the cycling industry.

During the session, participants got to grips with money terminology, personal budgeting, the advantages and disadvantages of credit, and understanding the details on a bank statement.

Luke, aged 17, who joined the Academy after getting kicked out of school said: “I wanted to learn financial skills and this is something I can put on my CV. The most interesting part was learning about bank statements and doing the budgeting activity because it’s given me a better understanding of how I can handle my money.”

With over 35 Barclays leaders attending the day, it was an opportunity for the professionals to share their wisdom with the young people and give something back.

Talking about why he got involved in the workshop, Harry Harrison, Barclays Head of Business Divestment, said: “I’ve always enjoyed working with young people. I think there’s a lot we can do to help give them the skills to get started in managing their finances and to understand the different products that are out there. Banking jargon can be quite intimidating so understanding it early on is important in getting off on the right foot - especially around budgeting, saving and borrowing money.”

As well as providing learning opportunities like today, Barclays continue to fund Street League programmes across the country, recently funding the opening of three new Academies in Leeds, Birmingham, and Middlesbrough.