Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have supported Street League since 2015 with the charity receiving £600,000 to date. Street League is an innovative charity using sport as a hook to engage with unemployed young people. We are delighted that players of People’s Postcode Lottery are able to support the fantastic work carried out by Street League” - Clara Govier, Head of Charities at People’s Postcode Lottery

Street League finished the financial year having achieved a record 1281 positive outcomes, the highest ever, which is a huge 42% increase on last year’s 903. With the help of grant partners, such as the People’s Postcode Lottery, a vast amount of young people’s lives have changed for the better.

Now in its 10th year, players of the charity lottery have raised over £95.3million for good causes across Great Britain and internationally. The vital funding the People’s Postcode Lottery provides has helped fund Street League’s award-winning Academy programmes in Leeds, Birmingham, Ayrshire and Clyde West, which work with 16 to 24-year-olds who face socio-economic barriers and supports them into sustained employment, education and training.

An unrestricted grant of £350,000 in December 2015 (a portion of which was allocated towards our delivery in Leeds and Birmingham), £25,000 towards monitoring and evaluation, a £25,000 one off gift, and £200,000 which went towards funding the posts of two Outreach Coordinators, one in Birmingham and one in London, functional skills specialists in London and Sheffield, and Aftercare Coordinators in Ayrshire and Clyde West, have enabled us to reach out and support even more unemployed young people.

Since December 2015 when Street League received the grant, we have progressed 673 unemployed young people into work, training or education, 61 of which in Leeds and Birmingham. The unrestricted funding that we receive has enabled us to use this funding where it is needed most.

Through the Extra Awards, which we received in February 2016, we have already directly improved the lives of 155 unemployed young people. In total, support from People's Postcode Lottery has enabled us to directly improve the lives of 216 young unemployed people, with this number set to increase even more in the coming months.

“The generous flexible funding from The People’s Postcode Lottery has enabled Street League to make a step change within the organisation by using the funds where they are most needed. We were also overjoyed to receive funding from The Extra Awards, as this meant we could be more innovative and try out different ideas, one of which, the Outreach Coordinator post, to be rolled out nationally. Thank you players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for helping to support more young people than ever.” Matt Stevenson-Dodd, CEO of Street League.

As demonstrated by the success stories below, youth unemployment is a national issue that is being tackled jointly by Street League and the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Javia - Birmingham 

Javia graduated from Street League Birmingham and secured employment with Ladbrokes. Prior to starting Street League’s Academy programme, Javia felt he lacked the employability skills needed to secure and sustain employment. Following a recommendation from a friend, he joined the Academy to develop his skills and gain more confidence.

Javia has recently celebrated three months of sustained employment and is thankful to Street League. He said: “If it wasn’t for Street League’s support and guidance I wouldn’t have been able to achieve some of the amazing things I have. They have unlocked some inaccessible routes to employment for me.”

Amy - Ayrshire

Amy was a young lady who Kara, our Aftercare Coordinator in Ayrshire, provided support to in Kilmarnock. Amy experienced low self-esteem, confidence and anxiety, and as a result she had not attended mainstream education since she was 13.

Over the next two months on Street League’s programme, Amy grew in confidence, made new friends and gained a number of new skills and qualities.

Amy is starting at Ayrshire College at the end of August to do a PEZ (a personal development course) which will lead onto a performing arts course.

Chris - Renfrewshire 

Chris left school in 2015 and was unsure what he career he wanted to move into. Chris had been unemployed for nearly 10 months when he joined Street League in April 2016 and completed the Academy. After completing the Renfrewshire Street League academy in July 2016, Chris had yet to secure employment and was really keen to do so, and, having been previously introduced to Jan, our Aftercare Coordinator in Clyde West, while he was on the Academy, joined her Aftercare Cohort.

After discussing the transferable skills Chris had learned through his placement at Debenhams we updated his CV and tailored one to retail and another to hospitality. An opportunity came up with Subway in Hillington and Chris was keen to apply so we sent in his CV and Jan helped him write a cover letter.

Chris attended his interview and was successfully offered the position. Chris started his new role as a team member in Subway on 8th August 2016. Chris is enjoying his new role and has been getting trained up on all the sandwiches offered! 

Dylan - Leeds

Street League’s Youth and Community Coach met Dylan at his local Job Centre in Pudsey near Leeds. He was 18 and depressed because he had never had a permanent full-time job.

While on the Academy, our staff helped Dylan to identify an interest in customer service and supported him on setting realistic goals to achieve a job in this area. Functional skills Maths and English (GCSE equivalent) lessons were delivered and Dylan acted as a buddy to participants who were working at a lower level in English.

Employability skills sessions meant that Dylan’s confidence grew more and more. Following this, Dylan secured an interview with JET 2, an airline and holiday company, where he passed a telephone interview and was invited to a face-to-face interview, after which he was offered the job.

Six months later, Dylan has passed his probation period, attended an additional week long training course in Tenerife and had been back to share his story with current Academy participants.

On Street League, Dylan said: “Before I came to Street League I did not believe in myself and I was depressed because I was out of work, but all the hard work I put in has paid off as I succeeded in my first ever interview. Street League really does give you a big push towards work but not only that, they do it in a way no one else does - they use the power of football to bring the best out in people.”

Thank you players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for helping us transform the lives of hundreds of unemployed young people across England and Scotland.