Upshot, a digital impact measurement organisation, and the Sports Think Tank, an independent think tank dedicated to UK sporting policy, have joined forces to curate ‘The F Word’, an event which seeks to explore how third sector organisations can work together to learn from their Failures and develop best practice strategies for dealing with them.

Street League is really looking forward to being part of this unique event that is encouraging organisations to be more transparent about what they don’t get right. We are looking forward to learning from the experiences of others and working together to rebuild society’s trust in charities.

Since 2016, when Street League started reporting the number of young people we didn’t help, our commitment to transparency has received great support. Since we launched our #CallForClarity campaign in 2016, our Three Golden Rules, which focus on transparently reporting social impact, have been adopted by over 150 charities. This engagement demonstrates the desire and need for more charities to follow suit and move toward a more open and honest future.

Street League’s CEO, Matt Stevenson-Dodd, continues to champion a more transparent charity sector.

 “Charities should be held accountable for their social impact and shouldn’t be shy about data reporting. We should work together to achieve our social aims and see failure as a lesson learned. Street League is committed to transparent data reporting and has been at the forefront of digital data innovation within the third sector. We will continue to champion open and honest impact reporting and back awareness events such as the F-Word. Really being honest about data and open about what we don’t get right is so important for working out how to best use limited resources.

Street League’s push for transparent impact reporting saw us launch the sector’s first real-time impact dashboard in November 2017. We have already learned a lot and will be launching version 2.0 in early October.

Held at London’s City Hall on October 19th, the ‘F-word’ will bring together organisations from the world of sport, government and beyond to discuss the potential for adopting ‘Black Box Thinking’ within the third sector.

If adopted by the third sector, organisations would be able to take a similarly analytic approach to our failures, with organisations joining forces to ensure the same mistakes are not made again in future.

The event will give industry representatives the opportunity to hear from a number of prominent speakers, including a senior representative from the London Mayor’s Office, Google and other leading UK charities. There will be further opportunities to take part in extensive workshops to analyse previous practices employed by third sector bodies. 

Andy Reed, Director of Sports Think Tank, said: “Having read Black Box Thinking and worked with some start-ups in the sport tech sector I realised that ‘failing fast’ was not just a cliché but something I admired in young entrepreneurs. Seeing Street League in their 2017 Annual Report admitting where they had not achieved everything they set out to do, I was keen to see more of this honesty.  But this will only happen if we can create a culture of trust between funders, projects, organisations and the media that understand that failure – The F Word - is a necessary part of us making improvements in how we work.

“We want to model this practise ourselves and create an environment where we openly discuss what we get wrong. The events, training and resources we create are to help develop a new open culture – where we co-create the solutions for others to use and practise”.

Preeti Shetty, Head of Upshot, said: “As an organisation that is involved in monitoring and evaluation and helping non-profits measure the impact of their work, we constantly stress the value of learning. Learning what works but more importantly what doesn’t.

“Silicon Valley and most venture-backed start-ups, wear failure as a badge of honour. The airline industry shares their learnings with their whole sector when things go wrong. Surely it is time the third sector comes together to do the same. Our hope for this event is to create an open environment to discuss The F Word and to learn from each other’s failings.”


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Location: London’s Living Room, London City Hall, 110 The Queens Walk, London, SE1 2AA

Time/Date: 9am – 6pm, 19th October 2018


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