Street League’s team of dedicated staff from all over the UK passed the Matrix assessment recently.

As stated on The Matrix Standard’s website, the assessment is ‘a unique quality standard to assist and measure advice and support services, which supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals’.

The assessment reviewed Street League’s practices and enabled our unique sport for employability programme to gain some valuable feedback and see how we fared in relation to achieving the Matrix Standard, which we subsequently did. The four elements of the standards are: Leadership and Management, Resource, Service Delivery and Continued Quality Improvement.

A number of strengths were identified during the assessment, such as: Objective-setting for the service and organisation, recognition that Street League is strongly led and directed, staff at all levels are making a considerable input into designing and developing services, and there is very good practice in maintaining, developing and evaluating effective partnerships and networks. 

The assessment was conducted over 3 days in both Manchester and Leeds, where visits to Academy venues occurred, alongside a meeting with an employer site.

One partner said: “We can’t praise Street League highly enough. They’re so easy to work with, and what a difference it makes to the young people.”

Another partner, when referring to staff, added: “Street League is absolutely brilliant. When they talk to young people they talk from the heart, not from the mind.”

Anita Chouhan, Street League’s Contracts and Quality Manager, feels passing the Matrix assessment is well deserved and is a testament to the hard work staff all over the country have put in. She said: “It’s great to pass the Matrix assessment. We’re now a Recognised Quality standard in Information Advice and Guidance and we’re able to bid for contracts as a main provider. It’s a huge plus and there’s a real feel-good factor in the organisation following the recognition of our improved systems and services.”