Street League is delighted to announce the launch of its latest 2016-17 annual report, which takes transparency to another level. 

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What are the headlines of the charities social impact this year?

  • We’ve seen the number of young people progressing from our programmes into work, education and training grow by 21% to 1553 from 1281 last year.
  • This 21% growth in outcomes was achieved with only 7% increase in expenditure (£5.28m to £5.65m), showing that we are scaling up our social impact efficiently.
  • We continued to support the majority (63%: 982/1553) of young people into an employment outcome, which is our ambition, and our six-month sustainment rate improved to 59% (579/982 vs. 55% last year) with more in-work support provided and strengthened employer partnerships.
  • We successfully piloted a new ‘fitness’ programme, which took a more individual approach and became our third sports offer in addition to football and dance-fit.
  • We’ve also opened a brand new Street League centre in Dundee, the region with the highest youth unemployment rate in Scotland with 1 in 5 young people out of work.
  • Our Scottish regions have also successfully achieved the second year of delivering over 1000 outcomes.

How does this years' report continue the charities campaign for greater transparency?

Last year, Street League won the Third Sector Excellence Awards for its annual report and #callforclarity campaign for greater transparency. The bedrock of this campaign was the charities 'Three Golden Rules' for transparent impact reporting; they will never overclaim what they do, all percentages are backed up by absolute numbers, and all outcomes are supported by auditable evidence. 

Three Golden Rules

Key elements of the report which bring the charities' transparency to life include:

  1. Continuing to share up front the challenges, including those young people who they weren't able to help. This time the report also analyses why young people disengage in order to learn and improve the programmes
  2. The highest level of detail of analysis into young people's journeys through the programmes, and how their starting points affect their progression and sustainment into employment, education and training
  3. Improved data integrity and auditing, with auditable evidence behind every single outcome and zero outcomes needing to be rejected
  4. A new dashboard with greater transparency on the charities' finances
  5. A new innovative approach to sharing impact data in real-time - announcement to be shared Weds 8th November 6.30 pm.

This is just a snapshot of the analysis and key elements of the report, and for more detail please visit the annual report section of the website to read and engage with our report.



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