Street League is delighted to have won the Third Sector Excellence Awards 2017 for the best annual report. The award was granted for the annual report or review that best communicates the mission, operations, and achievements of the organisation in an unusual or innovative way.

CEO & Chairman receive prestigious Third Sector Award

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What was the aim of the report?

Street League set out to produce an annual report with a difference, tackling a diminishing public trust in charities by kicking off a "transparency revolution". The charity wanted to be open about its work, including what it didn’t get right.

As well as reporting on its own financial health, Street League was keen to encourage other charities to talk more about the challenges they face. It included Three Golden Rules in the report, which it encouraged other charities to follow, and launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #callforclarity.

How was the report promoted?

The CEO wrote an article which was featured in the Guardian and Beyond Sport to challenge other organisations to be more transparent. A physical report was sent to 100 stakeholders with a handwritten letter from the chief executive, while an online version included infographics & statistics. An internal employee launch took place via Google Hangouts across 14 regions, and a social media campaign, including Twitter cards, promoted the report and opened up a debate on transparency. Blogs, infographic videos, Twitter Q&As, and email newsletters were also employed.

How effective was it?

Street League’s campaign was its most successful so far, reaching 770,000 people and achieving 1.8 million impressions. The online version of the report was downloaded by 800 people, and the report and campaign were featured in national media. Street League’s approach to transparency has opened up new opportunities for the charity, and its chief executive has been asked to undertake a number of speaking engagements.

What did the judges say?

"A call to action to all stakeholders is a fantastic spin on the traditional report," said Zoe Bailie, director of brand and innovation at The Mix. "If you're producing something to showcase the work you do, then why not use it to encourage others to follow your good practices?"

What next for Street League?

This year, Street League wants to raise the bar with transparency once again. In the 2016-17 report you can expect:

  • Continue to share upfront our challenges & who we weren’t able to support – but this time with further analysis into why so we can improve our programmes
  • Taken detail of analysis and insight to another level – looking at starting points as well as outcomes
  • Improved data integrity & internal auditing – 0 outcomes rejected vs. 48 last year
  • More financial transparency – including our challenge with building reserves & new dashboard
  • An independent evaluation of Street League's programmes conducted by Brunel University
  • A new innovative way of interacting with our impact data - something which they think may be a first for the charity sector

Street League is also looking to develop their Three Golden Rules with support and input from partners across the youth sector to create a collaborative set of social impact principles. They acknowledge that they do not have all the answers and that many other organisations are doing a brilliant job in recording softer outcomes that might be more subjective in measurement. The sector needs to take responsibility for what it wants to be accountable for, and the only way this can be moved forwards is by working together. 

If you would like to speak to anyone at Street League about transparent social impact reporting or get involved in the discussion on social impact principles, please email [email protected] (Head of Marketing).

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