Sport England, Barclays and the DCMS were just some of the influential organisations, alongside some industry experts, who backed the launch of Street League’s 2016/17 Annual Report, which had a strong emphasis on transparency when reporting impact.

Street League believe all charities should be transparent and completely honest when it comes to impact reporting, with an emphasis on all organisations to follow the national sport for employment organisation’s ‘Three Golden Rules’:

  • Never over claim what we do
  • All percentages include actual numbers
  • All outcomes are auditable

As Street League CEO Matt Stevenson-Dodd highlighted in his blog post, which coincided alongside the launch of the annual report and was also featured in the Guardian and the Third Sector’s website, charities need to back-up their claims with hard evidence and be entirely open when it comes to sharing what they did and didn’t get right.

He said: “We need to balance good story-telling with hard facts, even if these hard facts don’t always tell a good story. If charities are truly focused on those in most need, then we have to accept that sometimes our work is really difficult and it doesn’t always get the results we want. We have a duty to tell this story, talking about what we do, as well as what we DON’T DO accurately and transparently.”

Matt Stevenson-Dodd added: “Many charities think they are measuring their impact by reporting huge numbers of people they have ‘helped’. But what does ‘helped’ actually mean? Is it just saying hello to someone or does it mean truly making a change in that person’s life?”

Below are some examples of the remarkable support Street League’s transparency message received, with many influential figures and organisations supporting their #CallforClarity social media campaign.

Nick Pontefract, Head of Sport for the UK Government

Beyond Sport 

Leap Confront Conflict 

Jamie Rutherford, Head of Employability for Enable Scotland 

England Netball 

Kieron Boyle, Chief Excutive of Guy's & St Thomas' Charity 

Nicola Crosta, Executive Vice-President of EPIC Foundation 

Mike Diaper, Director of Community Sport for Sport England


Sported London

Inspiring Scotland