We fully support our NHS

Like you, we are in awe and incredibly grateful to all the NHS staff who are working tirelessly at the frontline of the pandemic. From today we will be carrying the NHS logo on all platforms to highlight their incredible efforts.

Street League's graduates

We’re also proud to say that some of our graduates are part of the UK’s first line of defence against Covid-19. Over the past three years, we've helped 74 young people move into work in health and social care roles. They're now working for the NHS, charities and the private sector across the country.

Finding inspiration in challenging times

Like a lot of organisations, we’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning for and responding to difficult and changing circumstances caused by Covid-19. It’s been tough. But we’ve seen creativity and hard work from our teams and reassuring support from our partners which has allowed us to continue to help young people move into jobs, education and training using online and remote support methods.

In all of this, we can get bogged down in the detail and worry – however when we look beyond ourselves for examples of leadership, teamwork, creativity and problem solving (all essential skills for the world of work!) we can’t help but be inspired by our NHS workers.


Thank you LB Creative Group for updating our logos for us!