Three simple tips for improving your online image

Written by Tiye Walcott, 24, London

Do you think your professional reputation is different from your personal reputation? Should it be? 

This is a question I’ve never thought about, until recently. The idea that what you put on social media is your personal brand was foreign to me. However as I’ve progressed in my career, I see more and more how true that is. 

Second guessing what to put up on social media may seem annoying, but in 2016 many employers look beyond LinkedIn. Searching other social media platforms to ‘judge your character” has become more popular. Here are my top three tips for protecting your personal brand online.

1. Post what you are proud of

Only post what you are proud of. If someone says ‘Hey I saw your post on Friday…’ at work, how does that make you feel?  If your heart sinks to the bottom of your stomach, I think there’s a problem. You never want to feel like you're living a lie and hiding your true self. Only post things that you don't mind sharing with everyone. Never put up anything you would be ashamed of or later regret. 

2. Keep your page on private

3 online image tips - private

If you don't want employers to view your page, keep your page on private. The easiest way is to play it safe and this allows you more control on who can view your posts.

3. Monitor your tagged images

3 online image tips - monitor tags

We are extra cautious with the images we post online because we are very judgmental of ourselves and want to look our best. But what you also need to be aware of, are the posts your friends and family tag you in - these can be the most incriminating images. Always monitor the images you're tagged in and remove tags on images you feel don’t represent you in the right way. You can always ask your friends to delete them (they won't because they look amazing, but just un-tag yourself). 

You don't have to live two separate lives, but think of yourself as a brand.

Someone's always watching.

Only give them the positives to look at.