Street League participants were given a tailor-made experience by supporters T.M.Lewin who fitted the young people with shirts and ties ahead of their mock interviews later this month.

Travelling to the Fenchurch Street store for measuring up, the group from Street League's South London Academy were also given advice on what shirt colours and styles to wear in formal situations to impress potential employers.

Steven, 21, who was homeless before joining Street League, said: "I’ve never had a shirt fitting before. It made me feel a bit out of my depth but I already feel more confident and like I mean business. I’ve just finished a work placement so the next step is going for the real thing and I feel better prepared.”

Twenty year-old Cameron who was also getting his shirt fitting believes looking the part is half the battle. “I feel more confident even applying for jobs because I know if I get an interview I’ll be going in with the mind-set of someone who wants to hold down a job."

The afternoon was a refreshing change for T.M Lewin sales manager Nicky Young, whose customers usually range from those working in London’s banking Square Mile to international business people just passing through. “Today has been really enjoyable. You could see the change in perceptions of themselves when they put on the shirt and tie. They may have previously looked at themselves in a negative way, but they can now see light at the end of the tunnel. They can see a young man in a shirt and picture themselves in working environment and that changes their outlook of themselves and where they are heading. I feel I’ve helped in some way in preparing for their futures which is a good feeling. “

Provided by T.M. Lewin at a discounted rate, Street League are able to give participants the shirts and ties for free with the incentive that they will be better prepared and feel more confident when put into a job interview situation.