We've collected five top tips to creating a well-rounded CV from a few of our Street League employees. Read on to find out how to create a CV that will help you get that interview you really want.  


1. Do something to stand out - Sara McCraight (Head of Marketing)

Whether it’s a picture, video or website. Do something that sets you apart from the crowd. Remain professional but change a dull CV into a viewing experience. If you’re skilled in drawing or video editing, create a page showcasing your work or simply add a professional photo.  

2. Bullet points for an easy read – Tara Arnold (Head of Grants)

The recommended length of a CV is no more than two pages. Using bullet points makes large amount of text clearer to read and understand. This is especially good for explaining your job descriptions. 

3. Proof read, proof read, proof read Melanie Davies (Head of Human Resources) 

Always get a second or third pair of eyes to read over the work. As you are writing it yourself, you are unlikely to pick up on your own simple spelling and grammar mistakes. 

4. Include your hobbies (but don’t lie!) Joe Flack (Partnerships Manager) 

Your personal statement and hobbies set you apart from your competition. This is where you can express yourself and have the employer buy into you as an individual. Listing your top three hobbies allows them to engage with your character (FYI - socialising with friend is not a hobby). Also, try to refrain from lying because although you may seem smart for your love of books, once you’re quizzed you might crumble under pressure trying to remember these lies. Be honest, and make a real connection with the person interviewing you.  

5. Don’t be too informal – Nigel Mansfield (Commercial Director) 

Quirky might be ‘in’ for 2017 but leave it out of your CV. Please don’t be to informal. Remember this could be your future employer, not your future friend. Leave the light-hearted jokes out of your CV. Most will not get it and you risk the chance of coming across weird. Keep it professional.

Street League are on a mission to end youth unemployment. We support unemployed 16-25 year old's into jobs or education all over the UK using the power of sport. We offer our young people support with employability skills such as CV writing, interview skills and training.  

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