Construction is one of the Top 5 industries that Street League has supported young people into over the past year. Partnerships with companies, such as Jewson, has allowed us to not only offer young people work experience and on the job training, but also the possibility of a long-term successful career. Here are our five reasons why building a career in construction is a smart move to make.

1. Construction workers are among the world’s happiest profession.

According to The Guardian (1) construction workers have the happiest jobs in the world. This could be due to the fact that no two days are the same as every project is different. You spend a lot of time working in a team, overcoming challenges and building strong bonds. This makes work so much more rewarding and fun - working closely with friends is always a plus.

2. The industry is committed to investing in apprentices.

The construction industry has some of the best apprenticeships and work experience opportunities in the UK. This is to attract young people to keep this fast-paced industry fresh with new and exciting ideas. Companies such as Jewson have made commitments to hire more than 50 apprentices and offer 300 work experience opportunities with Street League across the UK (2). Jewson partners with organisations such as Street League to offer work experience for young people from challenging background to improve their future prospects.

3. There’s something for everyone.

There are many different roles in the industry, from bricklayers, engineers, and plasterers to surveyors and managers. Your choice of role can be based on your current skill set and your strength and interests. There is also a great potential to progress further in your career.

4. It’s a valuable industry for both personal fulfilment and financial gain.

Worth almost $10 trillion, the global construction industry is a fast-paced, thriving industry with loads of opportunities. As the industry grows year-on-year, the demand for skilled workers has increased the average salary and wages. As you work hard and progress within the industry you can see the average salaries for job roles such as surveyors, site mangers increasing by four times the cost of living, making it a smart career choice financially. Personally, you also have an impact on the world we live in, by creating infrastructure that can help to solve the housing crisis or designing an incredibly beautiful skyscraper. It can give you a greater sense of achievement than other 9-5 jobs. (3)

5. You could be a business owner one day.

For some, the thought of being a successful business owner is the ultimate dream. With construction being an ever-growing industry, this dream can become a reality. Start by working your way up in the industry, gaining knowledge, experience and skills, then explore how you could set up your own business. (3)

Stephan from Glasgow is one of many young Street Leaguers who have moved from unemployment into a sustainable career in construction. Watch his story here:

Street League is the UK's leading sport for employment charity with a vision to see an end to youth unemployment in the UK. The charity offers 8-12 week long sport and work skills programmes to unemployed 16-24 year olds who face significant barriers or obstacles to moving into work. On the programme the young people take part in daily health and fitness activities including football, dance, and fitness, and then spend time developing personalised action plans with one-to-one mentoring support, employability qualifications, CV skills and interview training. They have the opportunity to take part in work placement opportunities before moving into jobs, college courses, apprenticeships or other further training. Street League enjoys a healthy relationship with Premier Inn, Jewson and numerous other companies who have employed many of their graduates. In 2015-16, Street League supported 1281 young people into employment, education or training with 55% of them sustaining their jobs.

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