Street League believe that sport is a powerful tool that can be used for social change. But just how does that relate to their dance-fit programme and are they onto something here? As I graduate from the programme, I have my own theory.

It’s been proven that regular exercise keeps the brain healthy and active, which, in a classroom environment, is important as it keeps your mind stimulated, which then allows you to concentrate.

I believe dance-fitness is important because it highlights a view myself and Street League believe in – not only can learning take place in the classroom, it can take place outside of it, just as Street League’s #MadeOutsideTheClassroom campaign suggests.

Dance-fitness classes are fun, help a young person come out of their shell and really help break down any initial barriers that might be there early on when joining the Academy – something many people might be daunted by at first.

From my time on Street League’s Dance-Fitness Academy in London, I saw how you can gain transferable skills from certain exercise routines and potentially apply that as a new learning skill which can even benefit you in the working world.

Regular exercise is proven to keep a person healthy and feeling in a more positive mindset, something Street League Dance-Fit can provide a lot of!

I loved my time on the Academy programme and believe combining both education and dance-fitness is the perfect blend.

By Bisola, Street League’s Youth Ambassador