Boredom, frustration, anger and despair. Those are just some of the emotions commonly felt by unemployed young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, with little education.

No wonder that many, faced with what they feel as rejection by society, become involved in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Yet it needn't be that way. Every day, throughout the UK, Street League is turning young lives around.

Here are just six examples of young people helped recently by Street League who now look to the future with optimism and confidence.

Name and Academy: Ainslie – Street League Dance-Fit Glasgow

Barrier to employment: Lack of employment opportunities and low self-esteem

Job: Cake decorator

Quote: “Street League has helped me with my confidence. I had no confidence at all until I went in and got to know them. I really enjoyed it, and my confidence went from 0-100. I’ve made friends for life, too. It’s really good and I’d tell anyone to go!”

Name and Academy: Isaac – Street League Football London

Barrier to employment: Criminal activities/gang culture

Job: Halfords

Quote: “I had friends in gangs that got up to no good and I was with them all the time. Now I try to stay away from them and keep on the right track.”

Name and Academy: Aurelien – Street League Football Manchester

Barrier to employment: Moved to the UK from France, had a baby daughter and struggled to hold down a full-time job

Job: Retail assistant and voluntary youth worker/football coach

Quote: "I have loved every minute of my time with Street League and have particularly enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends. Street League staff have influenced me in a positive way which has changed my life. I feel as if I have developed as a person and can now work confidently within a team and on my own."

Name and Academy: Stephanie – Street League Football Glasgow

Barrier to employment: Single mother, twice made redundant due to cutbacks and lacking confidence

Job: Glasgow Life

Quote: "Without the help and support I received, I don’t think I would have been able to get a job and move on with my life. I can now provide for my son, and do not have the constant worry about money. Street League helped me and some of my friends gain employment, and I think there needs to be more organisations like them in our area."

Name and Academy: Dylan – Street League Football Clyde West

Barrier to employment: Low on confidence and out of ideas after being released by Greenock Morton FC

Job: Apprentice at Jewson

Quote: “I am extremely grateful to Street League. Without them I wouldn’t of had the opportunities and experiences to progress to where I am now. I would definitely recommend anyone who is out of work to take part in the programme.”

Name and Academy: Nina – Street League Football Manchester

Barrier to employment: Struggled to find work after leaving college, lacked motivation and confidence

Job: Working at a local school and volunteering with a girls youth group

Quote: “I enjoyed every bit of the Street League programme, from the classroom activities to the 11-a-side football matches. Graduating from the Academy and gaining qualifications has given me a huge confidence boost, and the support that staff have given me has kept me going through some knockbacks. The fitness aspects of the course helped me to improve my confidence, communication and teamwork skills. I have managed to lose weight and get fitter. I want to tell everyone about Street League because it is has been the best eight weeks of my life. I would recommend it because of the people you meet and the fun you have. It has been great to keep in touch with Street League after the course, and I still receive ongoing support.”