Street League’s Youth Ambassador, Bisola, a graduate from our Dance-Fit Academy in London, loves nothing more than getting on the dance floor and showing off some of dance's most popular moves. 

Below, Bisola shares her best dance moves from some of her favourite dancers on YouTube. 

One Million Dance Studio

May J Lee choreographed this piece. What I love about the video is how simple, yet technical, the moves to a slow RnB song by my favourite artist, Beyonce.

Mura Masa – Love for that

I randomly came across this video and was instantly captivated, not just by the flawless choreography, but by the music video, which solely focuses on the art of expressive movement and dance. The dancers use their body to tell a story and don’t use any dialogue.

Kaner Flex – Rihanna ‘Man down’

Karner is a very talented individual, with a distinctive and unique dancing style which is bone breaking. From throwing both his legs above his head to the painful looking twisting of his shoulders, Karner is definitely one not to forget, and all to a song you wouldn’t think would suit that particular style of dance.

Lola Moves – Inside My Love

I chose this particular freestyle of mine because it was a constructed freestyle, as well as on the spot. I believe that I interpreted the lyrics through raw along with thrusting leg movements. Towards the end of the video I felt such relief from whatever I had bottled up inside and let it out of my body through the power of dance.

An Onyx Dance Studio – Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ choreography

This is a very fun and light-hearted dance video, filled with uplifting two steps and something not to be taken too seriously. I really like the fact that there’s young kids enjoying being active, which is exactly what Street League promotes.