A tale of fifteen cities – how the national data on youth unemployment is masking huge regional disparities.

Since 2009, the media and government have hailed great successes in the reduction in the rate of young people NOT in employment, education or training (NEET) from the peak of 17.9% post-recession, now down to 12% (or 1 in 8). However, when you dig a bit deeper into the numbers it is clear that there is a huge regional disparity and that opportunity depends on where you live.Read more

Why build a career in construction?

Construction is one of the Top 5 industries that Street League has supported young people into over the past year. Partnerships with companies, such as Jewson, has allowed us to not only offer young people work experience and on the job training, but also the possibility of a long-term successful career. Here are our five reasons why building a career in construction is a smart move to make.Read more

Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny signs as an Epic Ambassador for Street League

Street League is excited to announce a new partnership with Laurent Koscielny, the Arsenal Captain and Premier League defender. In February 2017, Koscielny signed up to become an Epic Ambassador for Street League, the UK charity which uses the power of sports to tackle youth unemployment.Read more

5 reasons you should focus on transparency and building trust

Transparency and trust has become a hot topic for the charity sector since the collapse of the Kids Company, bad press about CEO pay and the suicide of Olive Cook, who had been receiving thousands of direct mail pleas from charities at the time she took her life. In 2016, a Charity Commission census found that that public trust in charities in England and Wales had dropped to its lowest level since 2005, when monitoring began, falling from 67% to 57%.Read more

New Dundee sport academies to tackle the highest youth unemployment rate in Scotland.

Street League has launched its award-winning sport programmes in Dundee, the city with the highest youth unemployment rate in Scotland (19.4%). Street League’s employability programmes have a strong track record of success with over 68% (806/1185) of the unemployed young people from Scotland who graduate from the programmes successfully moving into work or training. We work with 16-24 year olds who face significant obstacles to getting into employment, and recently won the 2016 SURF Awards.Read more

It's not about turning the logo pink

Our tips, to increase female participation in your programmes. There were 330,000 young females aged 16 to 24 who were not in employment, education and training (compared to 341,000 young males). We know that a greater proportion of the young people considered to be ‘economically inactive’ (and thus unable to claim Job Seekers Allowance) are female.Read more

Top 5 CV writing tips to get your first job

We've collected five top tips to creating a well-rounded CV from a few of our Street League employees. Read on to find out how to create a CV that will help you get that interview you really want.Read more

Three important steps to gender equality in the workplace

It’s International Women’s Day today, which means the spotlight is once again on gender equality & diversity in the workplace. As an employability charity on a mission to end youth unemployment, Street League has a strong viewpoint on how we can improve gender equality in the workplace which begins with getting more young women into employment in the first place, as well as supporting them with the right conditions to sustain their jobs & progress in their careers to achieve their full potentialRead more

3 Golden Rules for transparent impact measurement

At Street League we’re on an ongoing journey to become even more transparent about our impact, and learn from it and improve our programmes at the same time. Pre-2010, we used to simply measure participation in our programmes. With support from Impetus PEF and Inspiring Scotland, we then progressed our monitoring and evaluation to measure our employment, education and training outcomes, like many other outcomes focussed organisations.Read more

“The Ideas Hub” – the new blog from Street League

Street League’s leadership team are launching a new blog this month, called the Ideas Hub, to share their ideas and perspectives on sector trends and challenges, as well as hot topics such as transparency, diversity, and impact reporting. The goal of this blog launch is to continue to encourage open discussion with other organisations, and share experiences and perspectives from Street League.Read more