We are delighted to share with you the latest Street League annual report. We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved using the power of sport over the past year - FY15/16 was by far the most successful year Street League has ever had. 

However, this year we want to do things a little differently.

We believe in honest, transparent reporting and so as well as talking about all the great things we did during 2015/16, this report also outlines what we didn’t get right. Whilst we have had the best year ever at Street League, we also know that in order to keep progressing we must acknowledge where we weren’t able to help so we can learn from it.

Key features of the report include:

  1. Our Three Golden Rules for transparent, honest and accurate impact reporting.
  2. Highlighting our challenges upfront, acknowledging that the work we do is difficult and we need to keep learning in order to continue to achieve sustainable social impact.
  3. Detailed analysis of how young people progress through Street League, from the moment we first engaged right through to six-month employment sustainment rates.
  4. Analysis of the socio-economic barriers to employment, prior attainment levels, IMD index, employment industries, success rates and sustainment rates.

Read more about our approach to transparency and monitoring and evalutation.

Our approach to monitoring and evaluation has also been supported by the Guardian, Third Sector, Beyond Sport and 108 other organisations on social media (so far!).

Infographic video of our impact statistics

Street League CEO, Matt Stevenson-Dodd, answered your questions on our #CallforClarity campaign below:


Download our Annual Report here - Street_League_Annual_Report_2015-2016.pdf

Other links to download our Annual Reports: