At Street League, we continually strive to improve, adapt and develop as an organisation. We entered the youth employability market in 2008 and since then have supported 3720 young Scots into work or full time education.

Now widely regarded as one of the main youth employability providers in Scotland, we are ready to make the next step by delivering services at 'Stage 4' of the employability skills pipeline. See here:

Street League will evolve its services from solely 'supply side' to 'demand side' employability initiatives, working closely with employers as a preferred partner of training and recruitment solutions.

Street League Strategic Skills Pipeline

The move into training provision, particularly focussing on that of Apprenticeships in Scotland, has been central to our plans for the last 18 months, aligning with the Scottish Government’s agenda to deliver 30,000 modern apprentices per year by 2020. The current economic conditions and workforce landscape in Scotland demands an increase in the number of training and career opportunities for young people. The youth unemployment rate averages 15% with 22.9% of the working age population in Scotland currently deemed ‘economically inactive’.

This, coupled with an ageing workforce (the number of people in Scotland over 75 years old will increase by a staggering 85% in 25 years) and well documented sector specific skills shortages in industries such as freight logistics, food and drink and hospitality – present an opportunity for organisations like Street League to migrate a strong background in youth employability, into training and upskilling, to continue to support people on their career journeys.

As Scotland’s largest employability fund provider in 2017, our employability support services are currently delivered across 16 Scottish local authorities. We have an established portfolio of current employer partners and have previously delivered collaborative programmes with prestigious organisations such as Jewson, Debenhams, Hilton and many more. We will be delivering Apprenticeship support in the following disciplines:

  • Retail
  • Leisure
  • Hospitality
  • Warehousing
  • Food and drink operations
  • Business Administration
  • Customer Services

This gives us an excellent platform to build on and we will be entering into a phase of consultation with our valued employer partners immediately, also seeking to engage with new partners from sectors perhaps not traditionally associated with youth employability.

It seems paradoxical that we’re experiencing a construction skills gap, with a critical shortage of young tradespeople while so many young people are out of work. Jewson is committed to playing an active role in the community, and working with Street League allows us help change people’s lives for the better.  Mark Rayfield, CEO of Jewson

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If you are an employer who is interested in delivering Apprenticeships in the above disciplines please contact our Business Manager Apprenticeships, Craig Purves, by completing the following expression of interest form.


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