Welcome to the Ambassador’s Toolkit.

“I'm proud to be an Ambassador for Street League. They really helped me and I'm glad I've found a way to tell more people about it

Cassius, 21, London


As an Ambassador, your job is to help recruit and get the attention of as many young people as possible. Within this toolkit is a wide array of activities and challenges that will help you tell others about Street League through social media and in the real world.

So go back and remember how you felt, where you hung out and what you did before you found Street League, and use that knowledge to recruit young people like you who could do with Street League but are yet to find it.

So what do I get?

  • Each month we'll run a prize draw of all entries using #MovingIntoWork and tagging Street League across all social channels. 
  • Complete all 8 challenges to WIN an exclusive Nike Street League Ambassador t-shirt. Once you've completed them all, show your local member of staff and they'll order your shirt for you in your chosen colour and size.

The Challenges

Connect with us on social

Join any of our social channels to be entered into our monthly prize draw. Each month we'll select a new follower to shower with free Nike goodies.


Bring a friend

This is a simple one. Know a friend who could do with Street League? Yes! Bring ‘em in, the more the merrier. This reward’s a double whammy. For every friend that signs up, both you and they will be rewarded. Once you've referred them, you'll both get access to an exclusive 30% discount off Nike.

Crossbar challenge

Some say it’s skill, others say it’s luck. Have a punt and find out.

This is it, your time for glory has come. Show off that boot of yours and challenge a few of your Street League mates to the crossbar challenge.

The rules are simple:

  1. Get a ball.
  2. Head to the halfway line.
  3. Get your camera out and film each attempt.
  4. Give the ball a whack and hope for glory.

Whether you hit it or skied it we want to see how you and your mates did. Upload all of your attempts to Twitter/Facebook/whatever else you use under the hashtag #movingintowork and tagging Street League. The best/worse attempts will make it onto the Street League hub and be entered into the prize draw.

Got skills?

You know the game, it’s simple. Keep the ball up in the air for as long as possible. But, are you good enough to make it onto our Street League leaderboard?

You can enter this challenge either as a group or individually, all you have to do is film it and upload it to Facebook/Twitter/whatever you use using the hashtag #movingintowork and tagging Street League. The best attempts will make it onto the Street League hub where people from all over the nation can watch your skill in awe. 

A video posted by Street League (@streetleagueuk) on

Got moves?

We love dance, and with this challenge we want you to showcase your skills. Whether it’s a freestyle pop and lock, a choreographed masterpiece, a trending move or even just a shuffle for the fun of it. We want to see it.

Get the camera out and film your best moves and showcase your rhythm to the nation. Once you’ve captured it, upload it to a social network of your choice under the hashtag #movingintowork and tagging Street League.  

Second story

Describe Street League in 6 seconds and 6 seconds only.

Download the Vine app and give it a go, upload each story under the hashtag #movingintowork and the best ones will be uploaded to the Street League hub. Your personal stories are the most important thing when promoting Street League and every story you upload will help convince others like you to join the league.

The big promo

At your academy you’ll find posters designed to promote and recruit new members to Street League.

Your mission is to get these marketing materials into your local businesses or hangouts. This could be your local chicken shop, newsagents, bus stop or even a park billboard. Then once you’ve got it in, we’d like you to take a picture and upload it to social using the hashtag #movingintowork and tagging Street League.

If someone joins Street League and mentions they found out about it through one of your posters or flyers you’ll win a prize! 

Made Outside The Classroom

To be ‘Made Outside The Classroom’ means that even though school wasn’t the best fit for you, you’re finding your own way to succeed. It shows you have drive, vision, aspiration and above all else determination. Being part of Street League you are in this club and should be proud of everything you have achieved.

Using a social platform of your choice, we’d like you to tell the world what being ‘Made Outside The Classroom’ means to you. It could be a tweet, picture or video, the medium is up to you. Tag in Street League and #MadeOutsideTheClassroom and the best posts will be uploaded onto the Street League hub.