Alex was 18 when he was referred to Street League by his local Job Centre. Two years before joining Street League, Alex had achieved 11 GCSEs and chose to continue with formal education and study towards his A Levels. It was during his A Level studies that Alex got in with the wrong crowd and lost his motivation to study.

Having joined the Academy programme, Alex quickly established himself as a well-liked member of the group. Relaxed and with a dry sense of humour, he was a pleasure to work with and displayed a level of maturity that others in the group looked up to.

Alex was put forward by Street League staff for a work experience opportunity with TM Lewin. Despite having little or no work experience, he sailed through the recruitment process and was one of five young people selected for work placements. He so impressed during his time at the company that he was subsequently offered a permanent position and has been with TM Lewin for almost a year. He is also a Young Trustee who sits on the Board of Trustees for Street League.