Anthony was twenty-four when he joined Street League’s North London Academy. He left school at 16 with one GCSE and managed to find work through his dad, first in road maintenance and then as a delivery driver. However, he was made redundant from the latter, and decided to give Street League a try after being unemployed for over four months.

Anthony was a strong footballer and quickly settled into the group. Not long into the Academy, Anthony attended Hyundai’s fundraising football tournament which was run in partnership with Street League. As part of the tournament, Anthony had the opportunity to be interviewed for a four week work placement at Hyundai UK’s headquarters. Anthony met with the company’s HR advisor, as well as CEO Tony Whitehorn, and shortly afterwards was told he’d been successful in winning one of the four placements on offer!

The month working for Hyundai turned out to be a significant turning point for Anthony, as he was called back to be interviewed for a full-time post. Excelling in his interview, Anthony was subsequently offered the role and is set to be trained up as a mechanic at Hyundai’s Academy in High Wycombe.

Speaking about his experience on the Academy, Anthony said: “Initially Street League just gave me a structure to my day. I’d got myself into a really bad routine of getting up late and not doing anything. What it turned into has changed my life.

"The staff were so supportive in helping me apply for work and changing my mind-set to a state where I was in the right place to make the most of any opportunities that came my way. Getting a job with Hyundai is something I’d never even dream of happening, or a place I’d be working.

"My mum and dad just have ordinary jobs, and now I’m at a company where I could possibly be travelling all over the world to work. I’m ready for everything and anything and I’m excited about the future.”