Chelsea, 24, from Manchester, joined Street League keen to find employment and improve her social skills. After completing the football programme, Chelsea gained an eight week work placement where she impressed enough to be offered the job on a full-time basis.  

She said: "I struggled with social skills. I found it really hard to communicate with people. For some young people it's just confidence in general and getting out there, and standing on your own two feet. When I first arrived on the course everyone got me playing sport and we all bonded through the sport. The course leaders were really helpful as well and were interested in what you wanted to do rather than telling you. I thought that was really helpful."

Chelsea added: "Sport's fantastic; it gets you out, it's fun exercise, you meet new people and it's a great way to have fun as well. Now that I've got a job I feel great about the future and earning my own money so I can save and do the things that I want to do. I feel so much more positive and confident in myself. I'd definitely recommend Street League."