Jay signed up to Street League’s Stage 2 Programme in 2014/15 after leaving school early due to behavioural issues. With very few qualifications and naturally low on motivation and confidence, he did incredibly well to progress to Stage 3.

Stage 3, at the time, proved too much for Jay and he dropped off before his work placement period, which resulted in him totally disengaging with Street League and any other training provider or employers. Through community and outreach work in his local area of Castlemilk, Community Coach, Scott Smith, and Progressions Coordinator, Scott Graham, made contact again with Jay. Naturally he was low in confidence and motivation and had seen no opportunities or future for himself in employment. After some further discussion, Jay was offered an interview and later a place on our Stage 3 programme again.

Jay got back into a routine and started relearning what he had previously missed out on, such as: CV writing, interview skills, communication workshops, assisted job search sessions and gaining qualifications. Jay’s involvement within the group was exemplary, his time-keeping, attendance and motivation had massively turned around, so much so that he was integral in organising and running a sports day for the local primary school of 250 kids, which was a massive success, and further proof of Jay’s motivation and hardworking ethos.

Both Scott and Scott had noticed that Jay’s talents and drive lay in practical tasks and when working as part of a team. With this in mind, they approached an employer who they built up a relationship with, George Boyd’s Plumbers Merchants, where Jay gained a four week work placement aimed at giving him much needed work experience and it was inline with Jay’s career choice. With continued support from both Street League and George Boyd staff, Jay again began to excel in his role and progressed into being a model employee, which resulted in the company creating a vacancy in which Jay would become a full-time member of staff. Almost six months on, Jay has become a massive part of George Boyd’s team and an asset to the company. It’s a huge turnaround from disengaging and falling into a poor routine with no job prospects or opportunity, to where he is now.