Nineteen year old Marvin had been out of work since leaving school and decided to get involved with Street League after coming across a flyer for the South London Academy programme. Marvin wanted to gain qualifications and improve his CV and immediately impressed everyone with his desire to learn and his positive approach to work.

Marvin was a strong footballer and a good team player, and he quickly became a popular member of the group because of this and his laid back approach.

Marvin’s ambition was to work in the Aviation industry and during the Academy he worked hard to get the right qualifications in order to follow his dream. He worked closely with Street League staff to find the right college courses and completed all of the aims and objectives he identified, before beginning his journey with Street League. Throughout the programme, Marvin was always supportive of others and undertook extra responsibility in the classroom in his role of research officer for the Street League Community Project.

When asked about his time on the Academy, Marvin said; “It is a course I would recommend as it has provided me with great opportunities and extra support in overcoming my barriers.”

At the Academy's graduation ceremony held at Comic Relief, Marvin was one of two participants to be awarded a prize for the commitment they had shown whilst on the programme, and how much they had developed as individuals.