Jordan was 20 when he joined Street League.  He was unemployed, having only worked in casual positions in roles that he described as a dead-end.  This had led to him having very low confidence and he suffered from nerves in any kind of formal situation.  Jordan described himself as struggling to work in groups and unable to understand what strengths he had that would make employers want to take him on. 

Jordan’s cousin had attended Street League and found work so when it was suggested to him by his jobcentre advisor he came along to a session.  Afterwards, Jordan said that joining a group of new people had felt like it would be a scary experience but because of the football it was very easy to get to know new people and he has made a lot of good friends through Street League. 

At college, Jordan had wanted to work in sport but he had been unable to find any opportunities and was beginning to feel that it was an unrealistic goal.  While on the course Street League encouraged Jordan to take a lead in the sports sessions and hold his own coaching sessions with his peers.  Working as a coach improved his confidence, leadership and communication skills and gave him belief that his aspiration to work in sport was realistic. 

After completing his 10-week programme Street League were able to arrange work experience for Jordan with 442 soccer, delivering football coaching to school children across Teesside.  Jordan really enjoyed the opportunity and impressed his manager at 442 who said that if Jordan can stay in the industry through voluntary work then they would strongly consider him when they are next recruiting. 


Jordan coaching at 442 


Jordan was then able to gain support from our aftercare service.  We quickly re-engaged with Jordan after his work experience and contacted other sports providers on his behalf.   

As a result of attending Street League, Jordan has now started full-time industry specific training with Green Sky Fitness, completing a certificate for skills in sport and active leisure.  Jordan has also been offered the opportunity to support the delivery of the National Citizenship Service in the summer.


 Jordan said the he “Really enjoyed the course, it has improved skills that I never knew I had”.

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