Dylan, 18 from Easterhouse, Glasgow attended our Stage 2 Academy in July 2017. Dylan left school when he was 14 without any qualifications and described his life as quite chaotic. He attended college after leaving school and completed a transition course in Sports & Fitness as well as a Horticulture course. He had a job at a car wash during this time too. However, he recognised that at that time he would prefer to run about with his friends and this was his main barrier to him maintaining steady employment.

Dylan took part in a Stage 1 training program with Celtic FC and was referred to Street League on completion of this. When he first started the course, he was over-excitable and did not appear to have a good grasp of social boundaries – he described himself as being impulsive and acting without thinking. Throughout the program, Dylan was always punctual, despite having extra responsibilities at home involving taking his younger brother to school. He stated that he enjoyed all aspects of the program; particularly the sport and fitness element but voiced a particular enjoyment for the job searching element.

He started a work placement for the toy store The Entertainer where there was a job opportunity at the end of this. Dylan received positive feedback from the employers and was asked to stay on. His current role as Sales Assistant involves working both on the shop floor serving customers on the tills and working in the storeroom unloading and splitting deliveries. This role involves some nightshift work which Dylan has volunteered to do on top of his normal shifts.

When speaking about his time at Street League, he said ‘it has given me more confidence and routine in my life. I have had to take responsibility for my own life and not rely on my mum or dad.’