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The partnership has really benefitted Jewson because it has allowed us to attract a younger, more diverse workforce. Jewson have found the calibre of candidates to be really strong, and at the same time it is protecting the sustainability of our business so we're excited to be expanding the partnership into more regions.

Adele Winfield, HR Manager at Jewsons

How we work with employers 

On the Academy, unemployed young people aged 16 to 24 develop key life skills such as goal-setting, teamwork and communication, and acquire nationally-recognised qualifications in numeracy, literacy and employability. We are proud to provide work-ready, enthusiastic young people who will add real value to your company.

Street League works with a wide range of employers from a range of different sectors to cater for the needs of young people who are looking to move into the world of work after completing our Academy programme.

Employers support our delivery in number of ways, from hosting employability sessions, to offering work placements for our young people in need of some experience in the workplace or the provision of full-time jobs.

Our employer partners enhance our offering and play a vital role when it comes to securing our Academy graduates’ future. Street League’s young people progress into sustained education, training or employment feeling confident, work-ready and hungry to succeed. Our employers contribute to that immensely.

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The Street League and Jewson Partnership

What do you gain from the partnership?

  • Work-ready young people who are enthusiastic and passionate about working
  • Protecting the sustainability of your workforce by bringing in a younger age range
  • A corporate social responsibility strategy to support the mission to see an end to youth unemployment
  • Opportunity for your employees to volunteer at Street League 

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