“Too often, the culture of telling a good story has taken over from accurate, impactful reporting.

Matt Stevenson-Dodd - Chief Executive, Street League


A summary of the most important successes, challenges, and insights from the past twelve months at Street League. Throughout the report, we will consistently call out these themes to enable us to focus on continuous improvement.

What we learnt last year Future actions for next year
We increased our social impact to 1553 hard outcomes (+21%) and increased our six-month sustainment rate (59% +4%), with only a +7% (£5.65/£5.28m) increase in expenditure. SUCCESSES

We will continue to learn from our analysis, listen to our staff and young people, and find ways to efficiently increase our social impact.

We improved transparency of monitoring, evaluation and financial reporting. SUCCESSES We will develop the Three Golden Rules (p36), launch an external quarterly dashboard with online interactive tools, and upgrade the standard of evidence collection.
We better understand who we can and cannot help. SUCCESSES We will improve how we record young people’s starting points and soft skills measurement throughout their journey.
We achieved a balanced mix of income sources and a strong ROI from fundraising. SUCCESSES We will increase investment into the fundraising team and continue to measure all ROI.
183 young people disengaged from our programmes without a positive destination. CHALLENGES We will continue to focus on reducing early disengagement and ensure each young person’s individual support plan is appropriate.
Our financial reserves were reduced from 2 months to 1.8 months. CHALLENGES We will continue to generate further unrestricted income through contract performance and fundraising. We will focus on building unrestricted income to increase our reserves to over 2 months again.
We did not collate and analyse our soft-skills data to the same extent as our hard outcomes data. CHALLENGES We will integrate soft skills analysis into monthly reporting packs and performance reviews to analyse the incremental steps that help a young person achieve sustained employment.
Regional variations in unemployment, population and performance are to be expected and need to be understood. INSIGHT We will assess local population data based on ethnicity and gender to allow for a more localized approach.
In-work support (aftercare) has proven effective in helping young people to sustain their destinations and further support young people with more challenging starting points. INSIGHT We will develop our in-work support program across all regions.
We know that sport is integral to what we do, and this was reinforced by a 24-month long independent evaluation by Brunel University (see p26). INSIGHT We will increase the sharing of good practice across our programmes to ensure sport plays a central role in increasing our social impact.
Other charities face the same challenges with monitoring and evaluation and transparency as we do. INSIGHT We will encourage more open discussion and cross-industry learning – join the conversation on #callforclarity.



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