Mickael - I started running only a few months ago, right before the start of quarantine. Just like everyone that's been on this journey, the start can be slow and strenuous - I stuck to it and started to enjoy it, both as an opportunity to keep physically fit as well as to free my mind. Whilst running a half marathon distance about two weeks ago, I became determined to take part in this challenge having read around its originator, David Goggins; as only the 36th black navy SEAL, he went on to achieve superhuman feats such as a 205 mile run. We chose this charity specifically because we have both been motivated and transformed by sports - therefore, this opportunity to enable less fortunate people our age to find solace in sport seemed like a stimulating one.

Louis - When we found this charity, we truly felt it could make a difference in the local communities and youths which it supports. I in particular loved how it engaged young people through football and dance in order to provide key skills that can help tackle unemployment in our age group. It also gives younger children the chance to participate in after school sports, that gives them facilities and equipment that we may take for granted. This pandemic has cut grants from many charities, so in challenging myself to endure this 48 hour running challenge, I hope to give opportunities to those in less fortunate circumstances through the chance to play sport.

We will be starting our 48 hour challenge on 9th June. Hope you are able to support and thanks for checking out our page!

Mickael Topiol