Grant left school in September 2014 with some National 4 Qualifications. Originally his intention was to stay on at school but he dropped out. Grant then compiled a CV and handed it out to local employers, but due to his age and lack of experience he didn’t have any success.

In December, Grant approached his local Careers Office and asked them to help him get into employment. He said: "I needed help to get a job. I was told it was not that easy but they could refer me to a training provider that could help me. That was Street League."

Grant continued: "I started the Stage 2 Programme in Airdrie and enjoyed it from the beginning. I took part in workshops, and even though I don’t like football, I enjoyed the sessions. After the Stage 2 Programme, I started the Certificate of Work Readiness with Street League in Airdrie. I learned what was expected of me in the workplace, what skills and qualities I could offer to an employer, and what responsibilities an employer has. I then got a new CV and worked on my interview technique, which was a massive help."

Things kept on improving for Grant and he was soon informed of a job opportunity that might suit him. He said: "I was told about a Sales Apprenticeship advertised with HSS Tool Hire in Coatbridge. I applied, passed two interviews and secured the post. I have since attended three training courses in England and have been taught HSS Hires IT systems, how to use the tools and how to demonstrate to customers. I have developed my telephone technique and customer service skills, too."

Grant is delighted with his new job and says he owes a lot to Street League. He said: "I love my job and if it wasn't for Street League, I would be sitting in my room playing my Xbox."

John Preece, Grant's Sales Manager, was full of praise for his new employee. John said: "Grant is excellent and he's a credit to Street League."