Street League's online youth employment service

Delivered by Street League’s skilled and well-qualified staff, HeadBodyFuture is to help young people stay focused, get fit and be ready for their future. Adapting our award-winning youth employment services we have been able to move our support from the football pitch, the dance studio, the classroom to online. 

If you're aged 16 to 30 years old and not in employment, education or training - sign up today! You can also refer a young person to our services.


Start with a digital check-in

Do you need our support with WiFi or data access? Not sure your phone or laptop will work? Sharing access to an iPad with family members? Sign-up and the first thing we'll do is get in touch to understand what we can do to help you access our support. 

Then we can start working to help you:


Be Focused

Look after your head and mind. Think positive, stay in touch with friends and family. Join Street League to gain qualifications.

Be Fit

Look after your body and wellbeing. Exercise every day. Join Street League to get motivating and fun fitness activities.

Be Ready

There are opportunities for you. Join Street League to take the next step into work, education, training or apprenticeships.


Our support for young people in employment has continued to be critical as they navigate job uncertainty, furlough, reduced contract hours, and redundancy. Youth unemployment is predicted to reach record levels. We’re already seeing the impact of the service; high levels of engagement and young people’s commitment to completing qualifications in maths, English, wellbeing, customer service and employability. Some have already progressed into jobs, education and training opportunities and we have included data for the same period last year for comparison.