5 tips to improve your confidence:
Street League wants to help you guys get ready for work. That's why we have created the brand new #Movingintowork Toolkit, which focuses on improving young people's mental health, physical health, and employability.

Here are 5 tips on how to improve your confidence:

1. Focus on what you want and not what you don’t have:
Start your day by acknowledging exactly what it is you want to achieve. As soon as you know what you want to get, or where you want to be, you can then work out how exactly you’re going to get there.

Constructing a 5-year plan improves your confidence by improving your overall mindset, focusing on exactly what you want and what you have to do to achieve it.

2. Eye contact:
Body language is a very obvious sign of confidence or lack thereof. Eye contact is a very easy way to display how confident you are but it can take some practice.

Practice staring into the eyes of the person to whom you’re talking instead of looking away or into the distance. It shows that you’re focused on them and are taking in what they are saying.

3. View obstacles as challenges:
We all face adversity, and understanding how to tackle it is key when improving your confidence.

Whenever you face one of life’s hurdles, look at them as things over which you can leap, rather than obstacles in your way. Whenever you think you can’t achieve something, challenge yourself to at least try.

Then, the next time you encounter a challenge, you will already be closer to succeeding by making the effort to try.

4. Dress to impress:
Improving your appearance can drastically increase your self-confidence. We all know this, as we appreciate this feeling whenever we buy new clothes or get a haircut.

Your appearance is the first factor on which you will be judged. Making the effort to dress well not only improves your confidence but improves your image as well.

5. Focus on your positive traits:
We are all just as flawed in certain ways as we are brilliant in others. Finding what you’re good at can definitely increase your confidence, as competency breeds confidence and allows you to flourish.

Believe in yourself and challenge yourself.