How to improve your fitness:
Street League wants to help you guys get ready for work. That's why we have created the brand new #Movingintowork Toolkit, which focuses on improving young people's mental health, physical health, and employability.

Here are three tips to improve your fitness:
1. Set realistic goals:
Wanting to improve your fitness is a great life goal that many of us share. A good place to start is to set realistic fitness goals. Do some research into what type of exercise you should be doing, and how long for, to get the best results.

Getting started is the hardest part, however, once you do, you will only get fitter and fitter, which will, in turn, increase your physical and mental health.

At Street League, you play sports every day and we have recently launched our new fitness programmes lead by our very own personal trainers.

2. Keep to a routine:
After you’ve researched the exercises that you will be performing, take some time to regulate these exercises into a routine.

Routines are often difficult to stick to. Not because they’re constricting or boring, but because we don’t plan enough time in to enjoy ourselves. We tend to only plan the things that we should be doing.

So, once you have planned your exercise routine, reward yourself with an hour with one of your hobbies and focus on the exercise and your personal challenges!

3. A healthy diet:
Firstly, focus on your calorie intake. This should be the foundation on which you start to construct your fitter and more healthy self. The average number of calories to be consumed by the average male is 2500 and 2000 for the average female. You should also be drinking around 10-16 ounces of water a day.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. Once you start to substitute fizzy drinks for a bottle of water and chocolate bars for apples, your entire lifestyle will change.

So, as long as you stick to these guidelines and your exercise plan, your fitness should definitely improve!