How to improve your online image
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Here are 3 tips on how to improve your online image:

Now that so much of our lives are displayed on social media, employers now have another way to screen to a potential candidate – and, trust me, they will. Think of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as an extension of your identity and treat yourself with respect. Here are three tips to improve your online image and help you look more professional online.

1. Delete problematic posts and review future posts:
Review your recent posts and determine whether or not you want an employer to see them. This should be the first thing that you do when you’re in the job market.

Before you send out a tweet, post on Facebook or update your Instagram, give a quick thought to how it would be perceived by an employer. This doesn’t mean you have to monitor everything you say for fear of being left off the candidate list, but a thoughtful consideration of the content can go a long way to improving your online image.

2. Set your profiles to private:
If you want anonymity online, then set your profiles to private. This way, only your friends can view what you post, meaning your employer may have to reveal his/her intentions before scrolling through your feed, giving you time to clean up.

3. Showcase your achievements:
Always post when you have achieved something or whenever you’re proud of what you have managed to accomplish. For example, completing a marathon or doing an online course. Demonstrating your abilities will make employers see the winning side of you and may even provide talking points in the interview to connect on a more informal level.