How to join Street League
Street League wants to help you guys get ready for work. That's why we have created the brand new #Movingintowork Toolkit, which focuses on improving young people's mental health, physical health, and employability.

Here's how you can start your Street League journey:

1. The only thing you need to join Street League is the desire to improve your situation. We help young people of ages 16-24 move into employment, education, or training and our track record speaks for itself. 

Everyone is welcome at Street League, and our staff is committed to helping as many young people as they can.

2. Call an Outreach Coordinator:
Our Outreach Coordinators are dying to hear from young people who need our help. All you need to do to find out more, or sign up, is call the Outreach Coordinator from your region by going to our website and finding their number.

3. Sign up on our website:
If you find it easier to sign up online, then we have a simple online form for you to fill in that goes directly to our Outreach Coordinators.

Once you have filled out the form, our Outreach Coordinators will give you a call within a week to organise the next stage.

4. Come to a taster day:
Once you have spoken to an Outreach Coordinator, you should be ready to come down to a Street League taster session.

This will mean coming to one of our academy’s, meeting the participants, meeting the staff and familiarising yourself with our programme.

Our delivery team, who runs the sports session and the employment help, will get a chance to talk to you and answer any other questions you may have.

5. Join Street League!
This is by far the most exciting part of the process. Once you have attended a taster session and decided that you want to join, we can get you enrolled in one of our programmes.

We help you with your CV’s, cover letters, job applications, interviews and even financially if you’re situation demands it. After the morning session, you will go straight into a sports session.

This could be football, dance, or our newly launched fitness programmes, which have really taken off.

We look forward to hearing from you we hope you can come along to Street League!